Hit the Road: Travel Guide for Raw Food on the Go

Raw Food on the Go

Hit the Roads: Your Definitive Travel Guide for Raw Food Success on the Go

If you needed to follow a raw food diet in only your own kitchen the task would be relatively easy – after all, everything you need is right at your fingertips in your own kitchen. However, in the real world you have places to go and people to see, and you can’t exactly bring along your whole kitchen everywhere you go.

As you hit the road, sticking to your healthy raw food ideals can become significantly more challenging. With a bit of creativity and some advance planning though, you can adhere to your raw foods diet without a problem. Whether you haven’t touched foods cooked at high temperatures for ages, are new to a raw foods lifestyle, or fall somewhere in between, this indispensable guide will help you travel anywhere and still fuel your body with the nutritious raw foods it needs.

Raw Food on the Go

Invest in a Top Notch Cooler

Not all coolers are created equally. If you are toting around a subpar cooler, a quality cooler will be a worthwhile investment for making reaching your health goals easier and more attainable. Some coolers will do the job of keeping your raw foods the proper temperature much better than others. This matters not only from a taste perspective, but also is an important tool in decreasing the likelihood food borne illnesses.

A variety of good options are available in different price points and various sizes. Look for an option that has ample room to pack your favourite raw food and drink choices, yet is not so bulky that it will be too cumbersome to pack. Features such as double insulation and a tightly fitting top are good features to indicate the cooler is built to do its job.

Stock Up on Items with a Long Shelf Life

In addition to the foods you fill your cooler with, you may want to pack some foods that don’t require any refrigeration as well. Foods like nuts, seeds and dried fruit are great options that will last through your entire trip and beyond. Fill your suitcase with baggies of these items for quick and easy snacks wherever you go.

Don’t Dismiss Convenience Stores

A convenience store may not seem like a likely candidate for supplying you with raw food choices, but in a pinch you can often find apples, oranges or bananas near the register. You may occasionally even be able find a raw fruit and nut bar or a cold pressed juice. A convenience store my not offer a wide selection, but if it is your only option, you might just find a raw option to do the trick!

Veer off the Beaten Path

The standard fast food fare found just off the interstate may not offer many (or any) good raw food selections, but that does not mean that you can’t find healthy, raw options when you are on a road trip. Instead of compromising with fast food choices, try driving just a couple of minutes longer to see if you can spot a grocery store. Grab a banana and raw nut butter or a ripe avocado and baby carrots for a meal that is raw, healthy, quick and easy!

Do Your Research

A little advanced planning can go a long way in making sure that you have plenty of tasty options to eat on your raw foods diet. Prior to departing for your destination spend a little time researching the raw food options available where you are going. Check websites and blogs as well as with like-minded friends. Your destination just may hold some terrific raw food options you would never have known about without a little investigating.

Pack the Right Gear

Having a couple of simple tools on hand as you travel will make preparing your raw foods a much easier task. While admittedly it would be cumbersome to pack things like a heavy duty blender or food dehydrator, taking along a sharp multi-purpose knife (in a protective case), small storage containers, and ice packs can go a long way in helping to make sticking to your raw foods diet when you are away from home a breeze.

Even the best of trips can bring with it plenty of stressors. Don’t let what you eat add to the stress; fuel your body with the raw, natural foods it craves to make the most of all your travels.