Free Raw Food Meal Plan

Free Raw Food Meal Plan

Many people can easily see the benefits of following a raw foods diet. It stands to reason that eating living foods can aid in getting maximum nutritional values from them. Without the use of high temperature cooking, antioxidants are not broken down and cooked away. So rather than a raw foods diet being a question of healthiness, the question concerning raw foods becomes one of practicality for many would-be raw food enthusiasts. How does someone create a healthy, tasty, and interesting diet with raw foods?

Free Raw Food Meal Plan

The task is actually far easier than you may expect. Check out our free raw foods kick off meal plan to get you started this weekend! It is so quick, simple, and delicious that you may never go back to cooking again (at the very least you’ll want to cook a good deal less, and you may never want to cook these six foods again.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snack/ Dessert
Day 1 Muesli.

Create a satisfying raw cereal by topping raw shredded coconut flakes (unsweetened) with berries, raw almond slivers, and raw milk or milk alternative. Top with chia seeds, ground flax seed, or hemp hearts for added crunch and omega 3s.

Bento Box.

Bring the bento box trend to the raw foods world by filling a bento box (or small containers) with raw veggies, fresh or dried fruit, and nuts or seeds. Add a scoop of hummus to dip veggies in and add a source of raw protein.

Glory Bowl.

Finely chop raw cauliflower into “rice” to create the base for your bowl. Top with scallions, diced bell peppers, purple cabbage, broccoli florets, soaked cashews, and a splash of lemon juice.

Faux Cream.

All you need to create a fantastic raw dessert is a frozen ripe banana and one to two spoonfuls of the raw nut butter of your choice. Combine in food processor or high powered blender and you are all set. Top with a drizzle of raw honey if desired.

Day 2 Smoothie.

The options for creating raw foods smoothie are limitless! Start with a vegetable base such as raw spinach, baby kale, or even beets or carrots. Next add a fruit like banana to sweeten your smoothie. Complete the smoothie with a source of healthy fat like cold pressed coconut oil. Water or raw milk/ milk alternative can be added to reach desired consistency as you mix your smoothie in a blender. A compliant raw protein powder can also be added if desired. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new combinations to find your favorite.


Wraps are easy to make, easy to take on the go, and delicious to eat. Replace cooked tortillas with a large leaf of lettuce or collard leaf to wrap your sandwich and you’ve instantly added a serving of vegetables. Fill your wrap with alfalfa sprouts, avocado, and any other favorite vegetables. Serve with orange wedges for a side.

Sprouted Bean Taco Salad.

Create a satisfying taco salad by topping lettuce with raw chopped tomatoes, onions, and sprouted black beans (Learn how to sprout beans HERE). Garnish with salsa, avocado, and shredded raw cheese (optional) to complete your Mexican meal!

Green Juice.

One challenge of the raw foods diet can be that it is so filling that it is hard to eat enough each day. Juicing plenty of vegetables alongside some fruit is a smart way to load up on the antioxidants, phytochemicals, and vitamins lots of lots of produce in the convenience of a single glass of juice. Be sure to opt for fresh, cold pressed juice over highly processed, pasteurized juices.

Day 3 Apple Toast.

Banish the processed toast in favor of crisp, horizontally sliced apple rounds. Top the apple rounds with raw nut butter and a sprinkling of raisins for a breakfast that will give you plenty of energy to get through whatever the morning throws your way.

Layered Salad.

Salads can get soggy when you need to pack them for lunch at work or on the go, but if you layer your ingredients in a jar with the wet ingredients on the bottom, you will have a crisp salad at lunch time. Drizzle olive oil at the bottom of a jar, top with avocado, kale, shredded cabbage, radishes, and then nuts for a salad that will be ready for lunch!

Zoodles with Pesto.

Spiral slicing vegetables such as zucchini makes them into an instant raw pasta. Toss your zucchini noodles (“zoodles”) with a homemade raw pesto for a gourmet twist on the raw foods diet.

“Chips” and Dip.

Replace fried chips with sliced raw vegetables for dipping. Use raw carrots, cucumbers, or other favorite vegetables to dip in hummus or salsa.