Fast and Easy Weight Loss with a Raw Food Diet

Fast and Easy Weight Loss with a Raw Food Diet

There is no shortage of answers to the ever popular question of how to lose weight, but just because there is an abundance of answers does not mean they are all healthy, nor are they all effective. Fad diets, depravation and starvation strategies, expensive supplements and even surgery have all had their turns receiving frenzied attention for being quick fixes to the quest for obtaining healthy weight loss levels, but are they really the answers we want and need?

While some of these plans may (or may not) deliver short term results, they are not healthy nor do they provide sustainable results. The better, healthier, and ultimately easier answer lies in nutritious, real, clean food eating plans. One such plan with fast and easy results is certainly a raw food diet plan for weight loss.

What is a Raw Food Eating Plan?

Before you can discover the secret powers of how to lose weight on raw food diet eating styles, it is critical to understand the fundamentals of raw food eating guidelines.

Eat only foods in their raw, natural state

Raw food eating is simple and straightforward in that there is really only one basic rule to follow in determining what you can and cannot eat: eat only foods in their raw, natural state. Because heat can destroy antioxidants and enzymes in foods, eating food raw helps to preserve maximum nutrient levels in the foods you eat on a raw food diet.

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes make up the staples of the diet. Some people on a raw food diet choose to stick only to these foods and follow a vegan raw diet or raw food veganism as it is also called. However, since animal products are not off limits on a raw food diet, some people following a raw food diet do choose to include raw, unpasteurised dairy, raw fish, or even raw meat as part of their diets.

Foods can be heated up to 40 degrees C or 104  degrees F, with the small difference in maximum temperatures differing slightly depending upon which experts you consult. In addition to eating foods “as is”, blending and cold pressed juicing are popular ways to prepare food and drinks for the raw food way of eating. Low temperature dehydrating is also a great way to add crunch to food. Sprouting nuts, grains, and legumes is a terrific way to make foods easier to digest and improve nutrition.

Why is Losing Weight on a Raw Food Diet a Smart Plan?

Now that you know the fundamentals of a raw food diet, you are likely wondering just why weight loss on raw food diet principles is a fast and easy way to lose weight. Read on to find out what makes this healthy lifestyle perfect for losing weight and keeping a trim and svelte waistline.

No Complex Counting

It seems like keeping track of calories, sugar, fat grams, glycemic index, carb loads and everything else some diets ask you to keep up with should require an advanced degree in mathematics! Because the healthy foods on a raw food diet naturally promote weight loss, there is no need to keep up with counting calories, carbs or anything else!

No Precise Portions

In addition to not having to count calories or carbs, you also do not have to precisely portion out your food portions on a raw food diet to achieve your weight loss goals. If you eat raw foods only until you are full, you are almost automatically guaranteed to not overeat!

Cuts Out Processed Foods Automatically

Processed foods are one of the most detrimental things to both health and weight loss goals. Most processed foods are full of sodium, sugar, refined carbs, artificial ingredients and more. Eating only raw foods is a simple way to guarantee you are not getting any of these nasty things in your diet!

Naturally High in Fiber

Fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes are all naturally high in fiber. The high fiber content in these foods helps keep you feeling full all day long, which means that you will achieve that feeling of fullness without excessive calories. Reduced calories means the pounds slide off quickly and easily! Further, the high level of fiber you’ll be eating on a raw food diet are a key element to a healthy digestive system.

Water Rich Diet

Eating plenty of fruits and veggies, two of the staples of a raw food diet, means that you will stay easily well hydrated. Not only is the high level of hydration good for your skin, it is also good for your figure as it also helps keep you full, which in turn helps prevent you from overeating and aids in flushing out any toxins to which you may be exposed.

No Gimmicks and No Expensive Products to Buy

Beware of any diet system that makes false promises based on gimmicks or requires you to invest large amounts of money in order to get results and lose weight. A raw food vegan diet requires only fresh, natural foods and a willing attitude!

Recipes and preparation methods are readily available on the internet and in cookbooks that can be found at your local bookstore or library.

Improves Energy Levels

A final, but crucially important, means of making weight loss fast and easy that the raw food diet offers people lies in the increased energy level people on a raw food diet gain. As you cut processed foods from your diet and follow the exceptionally nutrient rich parameters of a raw food diets, you are likely to see your energy levels soar.

As an added bonus to helping increase energy levels, many people report improved sleep quality when following a raw food diets, which serves to further improve energy levels. This improved level of energy can lead to a more active lifestyle full of exercise and healthy activities. With a healthy diet and active lifestyle hand in hand, losing weight on raw food diet principles becomes even faster and easier!

Breakdown: What Are the Tips and Tricks to Achieve Weight Loss on a Raw Food Diet?

Equipped with the basics of a raw foods diet and the knowledge of how it effectively fuels fast and easy weight loss, the final thing to know about following a raw food diet for weight loss are some simple tips and tricks to help you get the most out of it to both look and feel your best!

Accept Mistakes

Any new way of eating requires a bit of a learning curve and a raw food diet is no exception. As you adapt your eating style to a raw food diet, you will likely experience some setbacks. If and when this happens, allow yourself grace and move on. Getting weighed down by a simple mistake can lead you to binging on unhealthy foods, which will only serve to work against your ultimate goal of a healthy lifestyle that promotes lasting weight loss. Accept your temporary setback and get ready to move forward with your raw food diet!

Monitor Nutrients

Because the nature of a raw food diet does somewhat limit the food choices in your diet, it is important to monitor your nutrient intake, especially if you lean towards a vegan style of a raw food diet or have minimal animal products in your raw food diet, as many people do. In particular, it may be worth having vitamins like vitamin B12 checked since this is found only in animal sources.

Another crucial element to include in your diet is healthy fats. Many of the foods on a raw food diet are naturally low in fat, but your body actually needs fat to carry out many major functions, including keeping your metabolism running properly. Avocados and nuts are super options for anyone following a raw food lifestyle.

It can be helpful to include supplements in your diet to address deficiency or consult a nutritionist to come up with a diet plan to include all the needed nutrients. Take a look at my article on Dangers of a Raw Food Diet.

Maintain Variety

As you delve into your raw food diet you will naturally develop some favourites, but because you are already somewhat limiting your food choices with a raw food diet, it is key to make sure you are getting a variety of food and nutrients in your diet. Achieve this goal by aiming to consume a variety of foods each day.

If you find that you are having trouble getting a sufficient variety of foods in your diet each day, you may want to consider juicing. By cold pressing fruits and veggies into juices, you can glean a concentration of nutrients from pounds and pounds of produce in a single glass.

Not only are proper nutrient balances necessary to keeping excess pounds off, they are also key to living your healthiest life!

The Takeaway:

If fast and easy weight loss is a priority for you, say no to the gimmicks and choose a nutritionally sound eating plan you can stick with for the long term. For these goals it is hard to beat a raw food diet.