Delicious Raw Food Dishes Even the Biggest Skeptic Will Love

Delicious Raw Food Dishes

Do your friends or family members balk when you tell them about your enthusiasm for your raw food? Do they doubt you when you exclaim the virtues of nourishing your body with healthy, living foods rather than filling it with processed, packaged foods? Silence the skeptics with these nutritious and delicious raw dishes that are so good your critics will be too busy chewing to question your healthy way of eating!

Delicious Raw Food Dishes

Raw Food Glory Bowls

When it comes to glory bowls, the only rule is that they should be packed with flavour, leaving much to the creativity and taste preferences of the chef. While some people do add cooked ingredients to their glory bowls, raw ingredients lend themselves beautifully to glory bowls leading many chefs to make them a mainstay of the bowls.

  • Start your glory bowl with a base of fruit. Chopped apples, pears, grapefruit or berries all make terrific bases.
  • Next add raw unsweetened coconut flakes to bulk up your bowl and add texture.
  • After this step, try adding raw nuts such as almonds or cashews to provide both fat and healthy protein to your glory bowl.
  • Supercharge your bowl with raw chia seeds for a filling crunch that will provide you with a dose of all important omega 3s.

Serving Suggestions: Glory bowls are well suited for breakfast, brunch or as a satisfying snack anytime of the day. If you are serving several guests, consider setting up a make your own glory bowl bar. Just set out raw ingredients like those mentioned above and let guests craft their own custom raw glory bowls.

Raw Food Bento Boxes

Bento boxes are definitely a hot culinary trend right now. From lunchboxes to restaurant menus, you can find bento box inspired meals all over the place. This Japanese influenced trend involves eating small portions of several foods packed into several small containers, rather than large portions of one or two food choices.

And it just so happens that raw foods are some of the best options out there for filling a bento box (or other small containers if you do not have an actual bento box).Many of the items suggested for bento boxes often involve raw foods, regardless of whether the suggestions come from a raw foods enthusiast or not!

Suggestions for Serving the Skeptics: Try packing a bento box picnic lunch to share with friends. Raw vegetables, fresh and/or dehydrated fruits and sprouted nuts all make excellent bento box options. Your friends will be surprised how full and satisfied they are after their bento lunches. If you want to really wow them, try including some raw cacao nibs for dessert!

Raw Food Energy Balls

If the processed, chemical additives in so many commercially available energy bars is not enough to convince your friends and family members that raw foods are a much better way to get their energy needs met, the taste and texture of these raw foods energy balls will be. Even better, these raw energy balls could not be easier to make.

  • Simply take equal parts raw nuts of choice (cashews and/or walnuts are top choices) with raw dates.
  • Pulse together in a food processor or blender until ingredients are well combined.
  • Optional add-ins include dehydrated fruits, raw carrots and raw cacao nibs, as well as spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg or ginger.
  • If you need extra protein, you can also mix in raw hemp protein powder.
  • Once done, roll into balls and refrigerate until needed

Suggestions for Serving the Skeptics: These energy balls make a terrific quick snack to offer to your workout partners or for a snack to share the ballpark.

Raw Food Crudité Platter

Your friends who turn up their noses at the idea of a raw foods diet may not realise that almost every party or get together features raw foods as a staple of the menu. That’s right; almost all party spreads feature at least one crudité tray.

To make your own impressive raw crudité tray fill any large platter with vegetables such as baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, chopped broccoli and cauliflower, bell pepper strips and sliced cucumbers.A homemade salsa can provide the perfect dip to complete your antioxidant and flavor packed tray.

Suggestions for Serving the Skeptics: Using a wide variety of vegetables will assure that anyone can find a favourite to snack on. Want to go another step further? Include a tray of raw fruits and some raw cheeses beside your crudité tray and suddenly you have a party spread so wonderful that all of your guests will gladly partake in your raw foods way of eating—and they won’t face they typical post-party sluggishness brought on by the usual processed party fare!