Can a Raw Food Diet Cure Cancer?

Can a Raw Food Diet Cure Cancer?

Cancer is a devastating disease that is affecting a huge number of people across the world.  Though the epidemic of cancer has continued to grow over the last few decades, no cure has yet been found.  Being diagnosed with cancer is being handed a major unknown.  Some people, though they have a very serious case, eventually go into remission and never have a problem again.  Many people, however, are not so lucky and their cancer grows to the point of being fatal.

Can Cancer Be Cured in a Holistic Way?

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, you’re probably searching for answers everywhere you can look.  The doctors are referring you to chemotherapy, but you may question whether there is not a more holistic way of dealing with the disease.  While chemotherapy has worked effectively for some, it is actually very damaging for the body overall, and many people who go into remission end up with a flare up again in a few years.

Can a Raw Food Diet Cure Cancer?

Some researchers and nutrition thinkers have considered the possibility that cancer can actually be cured in a more holistic way: through diet and a lifestyle change.  This option is very attractive for some, because the conventional ways of treating cancer have not always proven effective and, in some cases, have actually led to more overall harm to the body.

If you’ve been doing your research on curing cancer in a holistic way, you may have come across the concept of eating a raw food diet for cancer.  Evidence can be found from many corners of the internet that the raw food diet is actually extremely effective in curing cancer.  Certain people have told their stories of completely ridding themselves of the disease just by changing their diet and lifestyle in this way.

Will it work for everyone?  Probably not. But is it worth looking into whether or not eating a raw food diet for cancer can lead to prevention or cure?  Absolutely.

Here are some of the current findings in regards to curing cancer using a raw food diet:

#1 A Surprising Number of People Have Had This Experience

Do a quick Google search for “Raw Food Diet for Cancer” and you’re not going to have any lack of testimonials from people who have claimed to cure their cancer using a raw food vegan diet.  There are incredible stories all over the internet of people who were given just months to live, were denied chemotherapy and decided instead to move towards a total lifestyle shift that completely eliminated their cancer.

Now, anyone who is a stickler for science will say that these kind of anecdotal cases are by no means proof that there is any link between the raw food diet and cancer cure.  It is, in fact, very important to take these testimonial with a pinch of salt, because there is certainly a huge range of factors that goes into having cancer and treating cancer.  These people who claim to have cured their cancer may have had another reason that they went into remission, or for some others, another underlying cause other than nutrition may have been the cause of their cancer to begin with.

Even so, the sheer volume of testimonials suggests that there very well may be something to this whole diet and lifestyle shift to treat cancer.  It’s worth it to pay attention to these testimonials and seriously consider whether or not to try them as treatment.

#2 Conventional Medicine MAY Not Always Be the Best Option to Cure Cancer

Along with all the testimonials you’ll find on the internet about people who have cured their cancer with a raw food diet, you’ll find a lot of skepticism.  Particularly from licensed doctors who have a very conventional way of practicing medicine, you’ll find many experts warning people that there have not been enough objective studies to show any actual link between effective cancer treatment and a raw food diet.

They would be correct that the academic studies have not been conducted yet to confirm or disconfirm these testimonials.  However, just as the testimonials should be taken with a grain of salt, so should the testimonials of these experts.

The Western medical industry is a for-profit business model and not interested in preventative natural cures

The Western medical industry in the western world is a for-profit business model.  The truth is, at the end of the day, the people running that huge industry are profiting off of our sickness.  I am not trying to demonise Western medicine here, I just want to point out that the Western medical industry is not particularly interested in preventative and natural cures to major diseases like cancer.  It’s simply not in the model of how they do business.

Look at doctors who consciously practice alternative medicine and have gone through school coming out skeptical about the way Western medicine works.  Many of these individuals will be much more kind to the idea of using a raw food diet for cancer.  While the conclusive studies have not yet been done, that is no reason to completely discount the idea that raw food could be an effective treatment for cancer.

#3 Yes, Nutrition Matters

Just from a foundational point of view, we mustn’t forget the importance of nutrition.  It’s easy when you’ve grown up in a society where you go to the doctor when you’re sick and get a bunch of pills to cure your issue that the way to treat health problems can be found in a bottle.  But real biology, health and nutrition experts will tell you in a hurry that  the most important thing to focus on for good health is diet and lifestyle.

Why?  Because the food that we eat is literally the building blocks for our body to function.  The body uses the nutrients we choose to take in as energy and as particles to break down and build back up to keep the body moving.  If we are giving our body junk, then our body will be made out of junk.  If our body is made out of junk, then it isn’t functioning optimally, and health conditions are sure to arise.

If we give our body junk, then our body will be made out of junk

Nutrition matters when it comes to health, and if you’re simply getting chemotherapy and still eating the same standard Western diet you always have, you’re not likely to get better.  Your body needs optimal nutrients to fight that disease and hopefully move you into remission.

#4 Most Success Stories are Mixed with Lifestyle Transformation

One of the things to remember about the testimonials of people who say they’ve cured cancer with nutrition is that the story often involved a full lifestyle transformation.  Along with eating more raw vegan foods, many of these people say they move into a more stress-free lifestyle and begin exercising on a regular basis.  Meditation and positive affirmations are often mentioned as activities used to boost morale and positivity, and those individuals swear by the lifestyle change as being important in reaching remission.

Meditation, exercise and nutrition have all been proven to have benefits for the mind and body.  One doctor even said they believed their patient was able to cure cancer because of the positive belief system she had attained from a raw food lifestyle and plenty of meditation.

If you really want to get serious about curious cancer in a holistic way, it takes looking at your full life condition and improving upon many aspects of your life.  Bad nutrition, little exercise and stress have all been linked to cancer, and these are the things you must reverse if you want to treat yourself naturally.

#5 Fruits and Veggies Are Packed with Cancer Killing Nutrients

The unique nutrients you will get by eating a 100% raw diet have been found to be beneficial specifically to killing cancer.  Pay close attention to this section, as there are specific fruits and vegetables that have been demonstrated to contain important cancer fighting nutrients.  If you’re trying to cure cancer with a raw food diet, don’t just eat a random selection of fruit and vegetables.  Do your research and find out what foods are most important for killing and stopping the spread of cancer.

Here are a few of the cancer killing nutrients found in veggies and fruits:

  • Raw Carrots: alpha carotene, beta carotene, Vitamine E
  • Raw Broccoli: sulforaphanes and isothiocyanate
  • Raw Cabbage: isothiocyanate
  • Green asparagus: saponins
  • Raw pineapple: bromeliad and peroxidase
  • Whole purple grapes with seed and skin: ellagic acid, catechin, quercetin, oligomeric proanthocyanidins, resveratrol, pterostilbene, slenium, lycopene, lutein, laetrile, beta-carotene, caffein acid, galic acid
  • Apricot seeds, strawberries, raspberries (black and red): laetrile and ellagic acid
  • Blueberries: ellagic acid, anthrocyanins, OPC
  • Beetroot: proanthocyanidins
  • Turmeric: curcumin
  • Other important fruits and vegetables to focus on eating for cancer treatment are as follows:
  • Cauliflower
    Red Beets
    Non-citrus fruits

#6 Diet and Lifestyle is a Huge Cause of Cancer

When we look at studies regarding the actual causes of cancer, the possibility of a diet and lifestyle change being a proper treatment becomes more plausible.  In 1979, there was a report issued by the U.S. Surgeon General which cited more than 2,000 studies from across the world regarding cancer.  These studies involved more than 2,000 doctors, nutritionists and biochemists who all agreed that the western diet is dangerous, reporting that about 1.5 million people have died from diseases associated with diet.

In addition, another study by researchers at the University of Victoria performed a follow up on 200 people who had experienced a “spontaneous remission of cancer”.  A whopping 87% of them had switched diets, usually moving to a vegetarian diet.  One Dr. Willard J. Visek found a connection between excessive meat consumption and cancer because of the carcinogenic by-product of its digestion: ammonia.

Everyone has cancer cells within them that pop up throughout life, but what matters is whether or not the conditions of your body allow that cancer to grow.  By not eating the necessary nutrients that fight cancer and by eating a dangerous processed diet with too much sugar, sugary drinks, white flour and alcohol, you are creating the conditions in your body that are friendly to cancer.

#7 Yes, Raw Food Could Provide Preventative Care

Another thing to consider about the raw food diet is it very well may be an excellent form of preventative care to avoid cancer in the future.  Cancer is a huge cause of death in this country, and it makes sense for many people to be concerned about it before it ever happens.

The earlier you can begin to change your diet and lifestyle to be less friendly to cancer, the better off you are.  Many cancer causing carcinogens are found in the average Western diet, and if you can avoid those throughout your life, you’re much less likely to have the problem later.  Eating a good diet with a large amount of raw fruits and veggies ensures that you’re getting the nutrient complexes you need to fight cancer before it ever grows.

#8 There are Experts that Agree

If you’re a big skeptic like me, you’re probably hesitant to jump on a bandwagon that a lot of conventional doctors may question.  However, it’s important to remember that there actually is a large amount of people out there who agree that a diet and lifestyle change is exactly what needs to take place in order to fight cancer.

Some people believe that chemotherapy is just simply the wrong decision, and they will refuse it in order to go with a more holistic approach instead.  I will shy away from suggesting that to you, because the experts certainly do not agree on this particular issue.

However, the experts do agree that a major change in diet and lifestyle will absolutely boost your chances of beating cancer.  Anytime you can improve your nutrition and health habits, you are building up your immune system and building up the strength of your body.  Fighting cancer will be easier if you are treating your body right, so switching to a largely raw diet is something that nearly any doctor would recommend.